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If you're face with a foreclosure, you're faced with the unknown.

You need to TAKE ACTION NOW. Every day you wait, you'll continue to sink until the inevitable happens. It's not pretty. I know. I've been there. My goal is to help as many people avoid this misery as possible. YES - you will most likely need to move. But chances are in this strong Palm Beach County real estate market, you still have equity in your home. You need someone with experience to extract that money, put it in your pocket, pay off the bank and move on with your life. 

If you're faced with an impending foreclosure experiencing every emotion, mood swing know to man. Fear of the unknown. Financial loss. Where you will live? How will I be able to move? How will this effect my credit? 

If you've fallen behind on your mortgage payments more than 2 months, chances are there's no hope of playing catch up. NOW IS THE TIME TO REACH OUT TO A FORECLOSURE SPECIALIST AND AN AGGRESSIVE REAL ESTATE AGENT. Don't be shy. Don't wait. Ask questions. 

When interviewing agents, you need to ask them about their marketing strategy. Actually if you have to ask, and they're not beaming with pride telling you how they market and how many sales they've had in the past year, you might not have picked the right agent. My background is in marketing and advertising. I went to the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. Real Estate fell into my line of work and when my clients hire me it's not unusual to have multiple contracts in a matter of days. 

It's important to know how are they advertising. Does the agent have the funds for professional photography? Are they planning on a virtual tour? Video? Aerial drone shots? Social media is HUGE these days, and postcard mailings, although expensive can prove to be quite effective. Are they going to local board of Realtor meetings and planning on holding broker's open houses and open houses to the public? How well do they know your neighborhood, local schools and the area in general? Creativity comes into play when negotiating a deal. Ask if they've ever closed a pre-foreclosure and know how to effectively sell a home with challenges that may come into play when your lending is breathing down your neck. Having a team who will work with your lenders opposing council, understanding the closing costs, can give you a forecast of the finances at closing, means there's a very good chance you'll come out of this transaction allowing you to transition to a rental, and the power to repair your credit in a short time.

What you can do to get more money out of your home.

1. CLEAN. And I mean a deep clean. Scrub the baseboards, clean the grout, vacuum and mop the floors, use a magic eraser to wipe hand prints off walls and cabinets. Pressure clean sidewalks, driveways and the house if needed.

2. PACK LIKE YOU'RE MOVING. Because whether or not you like it, you're not going to be in the house forever. The best advice I can give, take out all the large furniture and pack up no less than 50% of the contents of your closets. Buyers WILL take notice. If they see clothes jammed on hangers, they'll question if they have enough room for their personal items and clothes. YES. It sounds ridiculous, but it REALLY WORKS!

3. NICK-KNACKS. Pack, pack, pack. Personal photos, art work needs to be taken down. Nails removed from the walls, holes patched and painted. Minimize. Allow your potential buyers to picture themselves in the home.

If you ignore the advice of your Realtor, you're only making their job more challenging and inevitably reducing the amount of money you'll receive at closing. Don't take offense if your agent asks you to mop your floors again, or move furniture. It's advice given to help you. When I hold broker's open houses and public opens, I have "OPINION SURVEYS" that I have guests fill out for a chance to win a gift card. If your agent does this for you, it's not directed at you to insult you. I always encourage my guests to be open and honest, and opinions may vary. You may read a survey stating the home is lovely, priced right where others may think it's filthy, cluttered and over-priced. Take it with a grain of salt and do the best to remedy the issues that are noted. If there's still not an offer in 7-10 days, then it's time to lower the price!


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