Top 5 Common Mistakes in Selling Real Estate

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Did you know these 5 common mistakes could easily stifle the sale of your home?

1. Pricing yourself out of the market. Face it, people are more educated in the Jupiter real estate market than ever before. With information easily accessible on the internet, buyers will have a hard time believing your house is worth more than a larger, updated home on a prime lot in the same neighborhood. Your real estate agent will take into account the new roof, AC, hurricane impact windows, etc. that you've installed and will take note of the out dated bathrooms or any needed repairs and adjust the suggested sales price accordingly. It's always best to price the home correctly, rather than too high. A lingering home in Jupiter's hot market tends to scare buyers, contrary to enthusiastic sellers who dream that an interested buyer will "just make an offer". 

2. Make those needed repairs! 9 times out of 10 a buyer will NOT overlook peeling paint, cracked tiles or dirty carpet. Even if the buyer intends to rip up flooring or repaint, there's a stigma with a property that looks like a project. Buyers want a turn key home, not an HGTV episode of Fixer Upper

3. Clean it up. De-clutter and clean surfaces. Pack like you're moving out, because you are! Closets should have a bare minimum of clothes. I suggest that no more than 50% of the closet space be filled. That goes for guest bedrooms, pantries, hall closets and laundry room. Buyers will open doors and drawers. If they see you bursting at the seams, they will tend to think your home will be too small for them as well. Remove large furniture, personal items and photos. The idea is to have buyers preview your home, and allow them to see themselves occupying the space and envision living there.

4. Odors, pets, etc. I'm a huge pet lover. I have a horrendously big stinky dog who I absolutely adore. So don't get me wrong when I tell you, Fido and Felix really need NOT to be in the home during showings. Pet toys, food bowls, even pet food need to be hidden. Invest in a good enzyme cleaner and a selection of fragrant candles. This is probably one of the most challenging aspects of selling real estate. People who don't have pets or have allergies will be turned off if they suspect there is a pet residing at the home. And pet owners / sellers are often in a situation where they are working and faced with having to make arrangements for their pets while they're away. You may want to find a realtor who is "pet friendly" if you have a pet family member.

5. Not making the home accessible for last minute showings. There are sellers who request 24 hour showing notifications. That's all fine and dandy if you really don't need to sell your home. But in my market, we have a huge influx of seasonal residents who fly in for vacation for a few days, and decide they want to purchase a home. More often than not, these buyers are CASH. And if your home isn't available to show, these buyers will look elsewhere. Make it available. Price it right. Keep it clean and it will sell!


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